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Site Safety

July 2016

Construction Site Safety at Grace Park Hawthorn Club For your own safety and of your guests, or visitors and in recognition of the O.H &S compliance expectations/regulations of the construction company JLCB, Grace Park Hawthorn Club advises the following:


  • Access to courts 4 and 5 is also available from park adjacent to court 4.

  • Access to courts 7 and 8 is via park adjacent to court 7. (Court 6 has been lost to the development).

  • Viewing of matches is only available from the car park and parkland to north and east of courts 1-5, and north and west of courts 7 and 8.

  • Follow signage to toilets and Pro shop.

  • AT ALL TIMES MEMBERS, VISITORS AND SUPPORTERS ARE PROHIBITED FROM ENTERING THE CONSTRUCTION AREA. Under no circumstances is anyone (not formally inducted into JLCB construction site) allowed to enter the site without JLCB supervision or invitation

  • A building site is an extremely dangerous environment and we have temporary fences in place to segregate the construction works from the general public for individual personal safety. It is therefore unacceptable for patrons to move fences to gain access to any part of the site for any reason

  • Tennis balls accidentally landing within the construction site, must not be retrieved other than by a person authorised by GPHC that has been inducted by JLCB site manager.

We all understand that there will be inconveniences as construction takes place, however it is important that the club mitigates any risk to members, guests and the construction company during the development time.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Committee –Grace Park Hawthorn Club

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